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Gentrification III: Death and Displacement

by Street Sects

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Your favorite, or soon-to-be favorite nihilists are back with the long awaited follow up in their Gentrification, five-part, series of 7” singles. Happily interrupted by some dealings with Flenser, Artoffact, Hand Of Death, Isolation, & Realicide Youth Records.. the Austin based Industrial Punk duo bring you the much anticipated third volume in the series. Still glad to be in that part of humanity with the face that’s being stomped on by a boot, forever. Favorite track: Goodbye Recidivist Road.
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thekillertk A return to the anger we all know and love.
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In January of 2014 Street Sects released their first single, "Gentrification I: The Morning After the Night We Raped Death". The two song 7" was the first of a planned five part series titled "Gentrification: A Serial Album". In June of the same year they released "Gentrification II: Broken Windows, Sunken Ceilings". After the second single was released, the band was approached by San Francisco based record label The Flenser, and the band switched gears to begin working on a full length for the label. One release led to another, and the final three installments of the Gentrification series were put on hold, indefinitely. Now, five years later, in the wake of the release of their more melodic and melancholic sophomore LP, "The Kicking Mule", the band have returned to the serial album that started it all to pick up where they left off. "Gentrification III: Death and Displacement" isn't so much a return to form (the bands' style has always been in flux, and their approach to songwriting and production has evolved significantly in the past half-decade) as it is a return to the emotional intent that fueled those first two releases. The themes and stories addressed within the Gentrification series were never intended to be strict socioeconomic commentary, but rather the conversation and consequences surrounding Gentrification were meant to be a fractured and brutal lens through which we are given a voyeuristic look into the emotional perspectives of characters whose lives are maligned by alienation, exile, and economic peril. If crime is primarily a symptom of the underclass, then perhaps our prisons are filled with some of our most valuable living lessons. These castaways, offenders and recidivists are a glaring example of the consequences of a systematic ideological violence inflicted by the haves upon the have-nots. The Gentrification series is not an indictment or an apology, it is an empathetic gritting of the teeth, clenching of the fist, and pulling of the trigger.


releases August 2, 2019


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Track Name: Goodbye Recidivist Road

At least admit that you don't care if I die
What's the point in being lovers if we can't speak our minds 
Out of context, under oath, their only witness is dead 
They're knocking houses down like dominoes while you still haven't copped to where you were the night that Erica got stabbed in the throat...They found her bloated and discolored on the bank of the Hudson in the sun

Facedown when it started 
Facedown when it ends
You don't want to see their eyes
You still want to live
Swallow your tongue
Swallow your pride
You don't fucking need it
You want murder
You've got murder
You'll get everything you've asked for

No one hurts you
Like your friends 
No one cuts you 
Quite like them 
Either you kill yourself now or get to work 
No more bitching 
No more lies
No more hiding 
From their eyes 

You're expected to put them down
It's always what it's been about 
Living a life that you hate
Dreaming escape 
Dreaming alone
You're still in your fucking head 
Wake up your beating heart
Open your eyes 
You're lying right next to it
Wake up and listen 
Wake up and live your life

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