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Rat Jacket

by Street Sects

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BLACKEN THE OTHER EYE on another waste of color dead on arrival one through the roof of the mouth he went under this complicit sun warm and free same old problem… ‘insufficient funds” will they always win pain eraser rainbow chaser a rag in the tailpipe nobody saw her again she went under this complicit sun almost free tandem driver, pickup idling by and the search began we went nowhere we took the safe way and no one cared windows bolted wanting the same things; an unending ride a complete rewind the ultimate payday no one cares reputation nothing but paper now we sold ourselves out and you don’t like violence but you like the respect it commands and you don’t touch the hard stuff at least not with your bare hands all it takes is just one day out in the sun and the flies begin to blacken both eyes what about restitution? a knife in the armpit a bullet below the tongue well if that’s where the line is I will be still for both of us no more worm in the apple I will be sick for both of us if it helps you remember I will show you where it began no more light in the window nothing left but the memories I will be there
TOTAL IMMUNITY Ran down Every name Every ghost Everything I'd blown Fighting the same old fears If it buys me a year or buys me an hour It's just information It's not like the sky will be torn down if I open my mouth Yes i know we were friends then But those friendships are dead Chalk it up to time served If you thought that the streets were immune to my reach Count the names on my tongue And if you thought that your past was a half empty glass Mark my words it gets worse throw your phone away throw your gun away keep your head down I woke up today Told them everything you see, I sleep better outside The floorboards groan I know my fucking conscience cant be trusted I am still protected you can’t touch me faces appear like fire forming, then changing again I’m alone My chest hurts you can’t touch me everything I did, I owned
EARLY RELEASE Dove I’ve got your money right here And I dug your hole right there I won’t apologize sent to collections, so what drag me to court I will wait for god I’m keeping him on retainer leaned on your luck (too long) skated on grace (too long) sucked on the tit (too long) but nobody ever said no well, look at you now mouth full of promises choking on every last word cases are made from mistakes lives have been lost in the wake of your bad choices and poor judgment no one here will miss you at all I have paid for blood the money is on the table no hope no deal no prayer no one can hear you now Now I wait for the law The sirens have long since faded aching heart fading hold on for how long I wasn’t fast enough I was caught on the edge of the game writing checks that my heart couldn’t pay I was washed up and then worst of all I had left you to carry the weight when you never intended to play and yet you stood tall well I won’t give you up They can take all my money away They can break every bone in my face I will not talk and I will work it off I will pay every cent that I owe I will finish this once and for all I will make good no hope no deal no prayer no remorse
IN PRISON, AT LEAST I HAD YOU I might be doing alright I might be breathing clean air but I can’t shake this feeling I have that I’m living another man’s life I’m holding the same position still in the same condition holding the same resentments always the same just further down I was born wrong I don’t worry much about it born drunk But I don’t mind worn down I fell in and out the system turned out but I don’t mind even though I feel the pieces life’s just a time frame working on the art of free fall suspension of loyalty blade flashing, eight seconds a life down a shower drain weight dropping, forcefeeding well it’s just a fucking jail If I tell myself they’re wrong Or if I tell myself I’ve earned it It’s always the same dull throb as if I’m somewhere else And I feel the same way now I heard you made it out Innocent or not Enjoy the long ride down at the wrong place I got drunk and lost my temper one taste and I went down rough break I got pinched and caught the full stretch but one day I walked out even though I’ve lost the pieces life’s not a bad thing working on the art of free fall suspension of self respect four thousand, bi monthly my name off the pink slip clean record, no zip code their lives were a package deal If I tell myself I’m home If I close my eyes and focus I almost hear your voice over there somewhere else And I feel the same way now I hope you make it out Innocent or not Enjoy the long ride down well if I’ve waited too long I’ll find my own way out there is nothing worse than selling out for half your worth you can run from Death but in the end you’ll beg her to draw closer Hey, I was dreaming of light I was stretched on a bunk I was almost there Hey, I was dreaming of air I was walking the yard I was almost there


released October 6, 2017


all rights reserved



Street Sects Austin, Texas


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